About Us

Andes Legal Consulting – founded by Laura Bolado

Laura is a dual-qualified lawyer experienced in various areas of EU law (e.g. financial services, telecommunications, company law, pharmaceuticals, money laundering, data protection and information technology, environment, etc).

She holds LLMs in EU law and Law applicable to e-commerce, data protection, IP and consumer protection, has trained UK and foreign lawyers in EU matters and lectured at university. In 2017 she obtained the ICA certification in Anti-Money Laundering and in 2018 she became CIPP/E certified. From 2017 until 2020 Laura was the author the Europe chapter of the Civil Court Practice (LexisNexis Green Book).

Since 2019 she is a regular contributor to Reg-Room, a global regulatory tracking service, covering developments in financial services, data protection, technology, money laundering, etc in over 60 jurisdictions worldwide.

The aim of the site: “After well over a decade working in EU law I still see many people confused or simply refusing to even listen what it is all about. That has to change, more with Brexit looming.”

Laura BoladoThose people are from different academic and professional backgrounds and this site is an attempt to bring the EU system closer to everyone from legal professionals to students and non-legal professionals who want to, at the very least, have an idea on what they voted on R-day i.e. the British referendum on the EU membership.

It is designed to help people understand and/or clarify the confusion that EU and EU law seems to originate in their minds.

“We fear what we do not understand so I will make it simple and tell you already….there is nothing to fear, it is simpler than you think!”

The most important point to keep in mind is that you cannot – and you should not – try to understand EU law applying pre-existing legal knowledge. Yes, it’s that simple.

Imagine a table game you never heard of before you would not even try to apply the rules of another game to it, or would you? You should read the instructions and play by this game’s rules. Well, that’s it! I will explain the rules of the EU system in a clear and simple way. So….go take a look and let me know which topics you want to hear more about.

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